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Earn up to 12% on your real estate investments in one year. Best part is that this is a passive investment.

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Debt Financing. SFR. 12%6 months. 

Purchase Price: $31,000.ARV: $50,000.Seeking 70% of ARV ($35,000) First position lien.

UPDATE: closed.  

Debt Financing. SFR. 12% 6 to 12 months. 

Purchase Price: $44,000

ARV: $80,000

Seeking 75% of ARV ($60,000) First position lien.

Experienced rehabber with over 10 years of experience.  


Debt Financing. SFR. 12% 6 months.

Purchase Price: $64,350. ARV: $130,000.Seeking 75% of ARV. ($97,500) First position lien.


Debt Financing. SFR. 12% 6 months.

Purchase Price: $49,000

ARV: $133,000.

Seeking 60% of ARV ($80,000) First position lien.

UPDATE: closed

Debt Financing. SFR. 12% 6months. 

Purchase price: $59,900ARV: $135,000.Seeking 755 of ARV ($45,00) First position lien. 


Debt Financing. SFR. 12% 6 months.

Purchase Price: $33,000. Major Rehab. ARV: $200,000.

Seeking 75% of ARV ($150,000) First position lien. Rehab money in installments. 

Bank accounts, CD's, Bonds are now paying less than 1% annually. Inflation is running at approximately 3-4%. The Big Banks are literally stealing your money. Our Sponsors offer any where between 10-12% on investments secured by real estate. Our Sponsors have skin in the game. Can you Big Bank say that?

We are Your partners in revitalizing America's homes

Your Alternative Real Estate Lender!

At, we know that the rehabbers work hard to revitalize and improve America’s neighborhoods and involves a lot of capital, risk and sweat. Over the past 6 years, I have built a community of real estate investors. Our technology is bringing these investors, along with new lending philosophies to provide our rehabbers with new funding possibilities.

Our technology platform provides transparency, simplicity of transactions, low investment minimums and individual project investments to bring real change and real profits for both rehabbers and investors. As you work hard to revitalize many neighborhoods, we want to help you with your fund raising efforts so that you can focus on the finding the properties and rehabbing them. 

Bobby Sharma

Bank Robber*


*why i "rob' banks...

Dealing with Big Banks has been one of the most frustrating aspects of investing in real estate. So I developed a system to bypass Big Banks as much as possible. My goal is to help Rehabbers and Investors avoid Big Banks. I don't literally rob banks, but yes, I do want you to avoid them as much as possible for short term rehab loans. 

If you are a rehabber, developer, flipper (also known as a "Sponsor") then this is quite possibly the best place for you to find investment capital. 

For Investors, this is a great place for you find investment deals directly from the Sponsors. 

What is is listing site or a 'matchmaking' site for real estate rehabbers, developers, Sponsors to find investment capital for their projects. The investors are introduced to the projects using my proprietary marketing system. The objective is to speed up the process for finding capital. The site serves both Sponsors and Investors. 

In addition, I am a real estate coach, I run five real estate investment groups in the Bay Area. We currently have about 2,500 members. We meet monthly in Northern California and often online. We hope that you can join us.

My goal is to make you a better investor and help rehabbers with finding partners, crew, investors. 

My background is in technology and software. I have an undergraduate degree in Computer and Information Science and has managed several hundred projects for many Fortune 500 companies. I bought my first single family house in at the age of 24. Since then, I have successfully invested in real estate as a passive income generating strategy. Not all real estate ventures were successful and I have learnt from my mistakes and I share my mistakes more abundantly with my friends than my successes. I do not want others to make the same mistakes.  

Why "Passive" income? I still work full time in technology and needed to find a way to invest in real estate such that it did not take too much time of my time and it could be done part time at leisure. I have been able to do that successfully and I now coach and help others on accomplishing the same. 


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